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Launch your site on our high speed servers| We add wings to your website, featuring Website Builders, Free SSL Certificates, Softaculous, LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress and much more and remember, it starts with a domain name!
$2 web hosting provider

High Speed Web Hosting Provider

Free & Auto SSL Certificate


No need buying a separate ssl certificate from a third party. This is because ssl is automatically issued after setting up your hosting accounts

SSD Storage Technology


All our servers work on SSD not HDD. The benefit to this is, SSD do not have moving parts making it very fast

Our Domain Names

.com1 Year$12.99$12.99$12.99
.net1 Year$14.99$14.99$14.99
.org1 Year$16.99$16.99$16.99
.biz1 Year$16.99$16.99$16.99
.info1 Year$16.99$16.99$16.99
.co.uk1 Year$17.00$17.00$17.00
 .in1 Year $15.00$15.00$15.00

Free Domains

The following Domain Names are free for a year. [.com, .net, .org, .biz, .info] which only applies to those ordering web hosting for one year, a free domain name is made available when you choose  [ Biennially  OR Triennially ] as a billing cycle upon registration but renew normal after a year.

Free Migration

Coming from another web hosting provider? We are always ready to move your entire website to our server at no cost. Website migration could be frustrating if not done the right way.  

Choose Your Preferred Plan

High Speed Web Hosting Provider


$ 0
per month

Host a single website
Unlimited FTP Accounts
5 GB SSD Storage
Unlimited Bandwidth
5 Email Accounts
5 Subdomains
5 Parked Domains
5 Databases
Free & Auto SSL
Free SEO tools
Free cPanel
Free Nightly Backups
Auto installer
Same Renewal Price
24/7 Support


$ 0
per month

Host 5 websites
Unlimited FTP Accounts
25GB SSD Storage
Unlimited Bandwidth
10 Email Accounts
10 Subdomains
10 Parked Domains
Unlimited Databases
Free & Auto SSL
Free SEO tools
Free cPanel
Auto installer
Same Renewal Price
24/7 Support
Order Yearly and save $2


$ 0
per month

Host Unlimited website
Unlimited FTP Accounts
Unlimited SSD Storage
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Email Accounts
Unlimited Subdomains
Unlimited Parked Domains
Unlimited Databases
Free & Auto SSL
Free SEO tools
Free cPanel
Free Nightly Backups
Auto installer
Same Renewal Price
24/7 Support
Order Yearly and save $4

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Our Hosting Features

High Speed Web Hosting Provider

Solid State Drives

All our web hosting servers use Solid State Drives (SSD) technology, this fastens your website page load times by up to 300%. This is especially important for database driven sites such as WordPress.

Free Let’s Encrypt SSL

With Let’s Encrypt Free SSL service give enhanced visitor and site security. Here at MakigoHost SSL certificate is unlimited unlike other we host.

Advanced Management

We use only the best hardware for our web hosting servers, including the latest Intel Xeon processors, Litespeed and NVMe SSD Drives which decreases load time of dynamic content by up to 300% alone.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Our servers are optimized with the latest software and are only hosted within the best datacenters, allowing us to achieve our 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Software Installer

Softaculous – With a click of the mouse, you can instantly install a script without any html or programming knowledge. We make that process easy as ABC.

No Software Required

Create, build, and manage your website through our Client Portal – no external software/downloads required.

A Brief History Of MakigoHost

MakigoHost is a web hosting and domain registrar. We started MakigoHost with a simple dream, which is making sure everyone is online. We have servers in Canada, Germany with a good number of team members working to expand to other areas.

Our Dedicated Partners

MakigoHost works with Cloudflare, cPanel, Litespeed and Flutterwave. This is what allows us provide the latest cloud based software solution to our happy clients.


Getting started with Makigohost is quick and straight forward. Simply select the website hosting plan that best fits your needs and then choose the time length you’d like to start with. We recommend you pay yearly which will save you money. Login to your clients Area After the account creation. We are available 24/7 to help you out. We are constantly improving.

In short, web hosting is where your website actually lives. It is a super computer that works 24/7 to keep your website online. The speed and performance of your website mainly depend on the server. 

A domain name is basically the address to your website. [Facebook.com, Google.com are domain names. In short it is the URL of your website which is seperate from hosting.

Your domain name is how visitors easily find you online. It is often the first step in getting your website started, because it is like establishing your website’s street address on the internet. If you did not have a domain name, you would have to give out your IP address which is like this [] to everyone who wanted to visit your website, which would get confusing and be easily forgotten.

We make it very easy to transfer your existing website files, and even your existing domain registration(s), to us. For primary domains on new hosting accounts, we will perform the domain registry transfer for free. To prevent any downtime on a live website, the correct order of operations is: create new Hosting account with us, transfer a copy of your website files to the new server, update the DNS of any domain(s) to point to the new server, wait 24 hours and verify everything loads from the new server, cancel old hosting account with the other provider, initiate domain registration transfer, verify that the domain registration transfer completed successfully. 

Free 1-Click Scripts Install

Install WordPress plugins, Help Desk, forums and many other aps with a single click.

node js

New Website?

New Hosting and Domain Name First

Website Transfer?

Thinking About Switching Hosts?

Our Happy Clients

Before moving to MakigoHost, I was paying a lot to have my products on the internet. My e-commerce website was very slow leading to low sales every month, I tested three hosting providers in the industry before a friend introduced MakigoHost to me. I gave it a try to see how that one too would perform. I saved a lot going with MakigoHost, it is always said, "Cheap things don't last" but it proves us wrong. MakigoHost did exactly what I wanted.If you have been frusted just like me moving your website to different hosting providers or you are just looking to have your websites online. I will advise you join me here at MakigoHost.
Koshik Paul
When I was a kid I did not have the chance to study Computer Science or any computer related courses. That has affected me a lot in our present generation; everything today is moving from local to the internet. There is no doubt that the money is on the internet because imagine the number of people who visit Google in a day. Having your products on the internet will have a big impact on sales, so I had to do something about my situation with no computer skills.I created a Facebook Group, that way I could post the images of the items I sell, but was not helpful, one day someone by name Lucas, messaged me saying "Hi! I can't belief your business is missing out an opportunity to getting 80% more clients" including a link. When I clicked I landed on MakigoHost Marketplace offering websites that are ready to take any business to the next level. I ordered a shopping website from them and in no time they added my products to my website. My point is, you don't have to be a website designer to have web presences, you can have a website in a minute just like me at MakigoHost Marketplace
Joseph Stalin

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