MakigoHost as an affordable web hosting provider strives to provide its clients with the most comprehensive, feature-packed solutions at the best possible prices, and with no hidden costs. MakigoHost as the most features with even basic hosting plans than any other hosting provider in the world. Often, hosting companies will charge extra for added features, MakigoHost offers those with every plan for Free! MakigoHost has a strong reputation for delivering the best is service, support, and keeping our word with guarantees. 

how we started

Here is why and how we stared MakigoHost.

MakigoHost is an affordable web hosting provider. It is part of our aims to offer fast web hosting solution. Fast loading website is very important because seconds of delay can tremendously affect sales and SEO ranking. 

We first started creating website for local customers until one day the biggest idea hit our space. We taught it wise providing web hosting solution for our own clients and the general public.

24×7 Professional Support

MakigoHost has built and maintained a reputation on providing award winning support to our customers. A web hosting provider is only as good as its service and support. That’s why MakigoHost as onsite staff 24 hours a day 7 days a week to assist you if problems happen.


We accept the following payment methods on all our hosting products

  • Bank Cards 
  • PayPal Through Spektra